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Heidi Locher

Heidi Locher

Passion is an attribute that just can’t be faked, and Heidi has it by the bucket load.


Heidi is truly excited by the prospect of uniting a person with their perfect property; and that shines through in every interaction. In a fresh approach to real estate, she offers perceptiveness, enthusiasm and insight in a personal consultancy style that is exceedingly accommodating: her philosophy centres on the knowledge that the days of the hard-selling, old-school agent are over.


Today’s sellers and buyers choose Heidi because they want a tailored service with a likeable consultant: they find her outlook a refreshing and relevant change to the agents of old. Service-focused and prepared to go the extra mile, she applies this energised approach with great effect as she consistently completes successful sales and delivers fantastic results.


Talking of results, Heidi has become well-known in Queenstown in a short time: she has sharp business acumen, astute negotiation skills and detailed market knowledge. Past clients cite her financial understanding, pro-activeness and professionalism as prized points of difference.


Having known that a career in real estate was for her since a young age, Heidi possesses all the innate skills that make a success story in the industry. A natural listener, a people-person, passionate and positive — it’s no wonder she generates a huge volume of repeat business and is racing up the local and national ranks for top Harcourts sellers.


Having recently teamed up with established salesperson Peter Bennetts, their teamwork boosts the efficiency and quality of service they can offer their long list of clients. Together, they know no limits in providing the sort of premium outcomes and down-to-earth service clients yearn for.


As a long-standing local, Heidi loves Queenstown and everything it has to offer. Well-connected and highly regarded, the people of Queenstown are continually delighted by her service and the highly successful results she reliably delivers.

Heidi Locher

Sales Consultant

39 Shotover Street